Supporting Our Mission!


Azubuike’s Mission is to reconcile the racial divides that exist in our community by giving at-risk youth a voice to express themselves, be heard without bias, and spark a much larger conversation about race relations in the Quad Cities through the Arts.

Our Vision is to provide inspirational programs while sponsoring events that enlighten, educate, and are geared to supporting underserved youth in our community through the Arts. 


The name “Azubuike” when translated means, “The past is our strength”.


 Past & Present Funders:


Urban Exposure Summer Film Program.
Urban Exposure Independent Film Project, offers Summer film programs that highlight the fundamentals of filmmaking, writing, directing, acting for film & editing.  The program has been designed to be an industry-standard instructive program that recognizes & inspire emerging filmmakers from diverse backgrounds. Our program provides hands-on experience for the participants to gain essential filmmaking skills needed to communicate their thoughts and feelings through cinematic storytelling. Urban Exposure seeks to promote diversity by encouraging filmmaking as a career and a form of self-expression for non-traditional applicants, like women, people of color, and other underserved populations.

Independent Film Project
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“Jazz Exodus" The Pat Patrick Story

A Narrative Journey of the legendary Jazz Musician Laurdine “Pat” Patrick, funded by the Humanities Iowa and the Riverboat Development Authority.

The Jazz Exodus Project is an exploration of Black music, culture and the people that migrated up the Mississippi River to Midwestern cities. The documentary highlights the life & music of Pat Patrick, a prominent jazz musician from the Quad Cities. Laurdine Kenneth "Pat" Patrick, born on November 23, 1929, in the Quad Cities, was best known for his 40-year association with SunRa. Pat Patrick played baritone saxophone, alto saxophone, and Fender bass.   


Small Heading

Urban Exposure 

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